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Hundreds of people have voiced their concerns.

This consultation is now closed.  The government will now review the feedback it received, before making any decisions.





Suspended Access Equipment Regulations

Major changes will impact your business,
without improving working safety

A government consultation is underway on proposed changes to
improve regulations related to Suspended Access Equipment.

Some of these changes have been rejected by an industry Working Group
consisting of experts from industry, labour, and management.

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Ensuring the health and safety of our workers is paramount and reforms are long overdue

Following the tragic event on December 24, 2009 where four workers lost their lives and a fifth suffered severe injuries while working on a suspended scaffold, an industry Working Group was established by the provincial government to recommend amendments to the Regulations for Construction Projects that would address enforcement issues as well as worker training issues regarding the use of suspended scaffolds on construction projects.

Contrary to the consensus recommendations of the Working Group and the Labour Management network, the Ministry of Labour has recently published a non-consensus version of the proposed regulations for public consultation.

 Following extensive consideration over the past few years, the Working Group has rejected the Ministry of Labour proposal in a number of key areas:

Mandatory annual non-destructive testing of all welds on modular stage components.

Permanent unique serialization of structural components as well as an inventory tracking system.
Design and engineering requirements that are inconsistent with North American industry design and manufacturing practices.

Why this is

We believe these policies, if implemented, will have a serious negative impact on the construction industry, while doing nothing to improve safety for our workers.

Costs will go up

More instances of non-compliance

Inconsistencies will lead to confusion

Your Voice Counts!

Hundreds of your industry colleagues took action to decision-makers know that worker safety is critical, but reforms must make sense.

This consultation is now closed, and government will be reviewing the feedback it received.









Who is behind
this initiative?

The Building & Concrete Restoration Association of Ontario and the Scaffold Industry Association of Canada are two members of the Working Group that have been involved with this issue since the beginning and have logged countless hours working on policy suggestions for government.

With over a hundred members, employing thousands of people in the construction industry, we want to ensure the government implements the best regulatory changes possible.